Do you follow RTDNA's Code of Ethics?

November 7, 2017 01:30

RTDNA provides broad ethical guidance to journalists through its Code of Ethics, and drills down with more than 30 sets of coverage guidelines, focusing on specific situations encountered by radio, television and digital news organizations, including plagiarism, covering bomb threats, using hidden cameras and more.

The current code was completely revised in 2015, and addreess the guiding principles of reporting truth, editorial independence, minimizing harm, and accountability. It also considers social media, "native" content and other important changes in the way news is produced, distributed and consumed.

As its introduction reads, "The RTDNA Code of Ethics does not dictate what journalists should do in every ethical predicament; rather it offers resources to help journalists make better ethical decisions – on and off the job – for themselves and for the communities they serve."

The Code is not intended to be a static document. Our discussion about journalism ethics continues and develops as new situations arise. We welcome your feedback and encourage newsrooms to actively discuss ethics as part of their work. Does your newsroom follow the Code? Let us know in the comments below.

For more about the ongoing work of improving journalism ethics, follow @RTDNA


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