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May 16, 2013 01:30

RTDNA's call to action for a Federal Shield Law

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RTDNA issues new member call to action on shield bill

California strengthens shield law

AP leak investigation not over

Judiciary Committee votes on shield bill

Weiland: Sen. Feinstein and 'real' reporters

President says phone spying will continue

Amendments proposed to federal shield bill

Media shield authors gather "gang"

Schumer, Graham push for shield law

Schumer presses for shield law

DOJ to tighten rules for investigating reporters

NAA continues call for federal shield law

Stronger safeguards sought for reporters, sources

Modesto Bee: Shield law for journalists needed more than ever

Rep. Stutzman: A free flow of information crucial to our democracy

Why RTDNA met 'off the record' with the AG

Meeting with the Attorney General

We need a federal shield law now

Holder says he has no intention of stepping down

Obama administration collecting phone records

AP, Fox not only targets of DOJ

Few bureau chiefs attend Holder meeting

Holder meetings hit snag

House committee investigates Holder

Holder to meet with DC bureau chiefs

RTDNA issues statement on seizure of AP phone records

Scheer: Leak investigation crosses red line

Joyce: First Amendment rights under attack

Schieffer blasts Obama administration

Pincus: Circling the media wagons

Report: Holder felt 'remorse'

Did Eric Holder lie under oath?

Leak probes show net cast wide

Why James Rosen matters to all of us

Eric Holder vs. journalism

CBS correspondent under pressure

Government obtains wide AP phone records in probe

Journalism groups respond to DOJ actions

Deputy Attorney General responds to AP

CBS correspondent says computer probed

DOJ labels Fox reporter 'co-conspirator'

Details of DOJ probe of Fox News

House reintroduces Free Flow of Information Act

WH troubles not swaying voters

Obama's war on journalism 'unconstitutional act'

Spying on the AP has costs

Leak probe unveiled in court documents

Tompkins: Gov't has long history of punishing journalists

White House pushes shield law

Schumer to re-introduce shield bill

NAA lauds shield bill

NYT: Spying on the Associated Press

WaPo: Some question whether AP leak put US at risk

Miller: Media shield is impossible

Schanzer: Leakers of classified information are criminals

Revival of shield law meets with skepticism

Deloire: US government tramples on its First Amendment

Westin: Who's got a secret?

Peyronnin: The AP and the AG

Bunch: The day the Obama administration went all Nixon on us

Bernstein: DOJ actions inexcuseable