Money Matters: How to lower your car insurance costs

December 1, 2017 01:30

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If you own a car, you're probably paying a monthly or biannual insurance premium to legally drive on public highways. The cost can go up from year to year due to premium increases, or it can go down as your car ages and your insurance company offers a discount for older vehicles. But are you getting the best deal you can? It pays to check your rates from time to time, to see if you're paying too much, and there are other ways to keep your costs down.

As Consumer Reports outlines, along with comparison shopping for the best rates, you can set a higher deductible to get a lower premium. You can review what kind of coverage you're getting and drop some portions you may not need. Ask your insurance agent if they offer discounts if you insure your life or home with them, or if you take an occasional driver safety course. If you drive fewer than 12 thousand miles a year, you could get a lower rate. And maintain a good credit rating to get a good rate from the beginning.
To help your listeners/viewers/readers learn more about car insurance, talk with an independent agent in your market who can talk about the different kinds of insurance plans that are available, and how best to choose premiums, deductibles and coverage to suit your needs.

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