RTDNA honors three for outstanding service

September 7, 2017 04:45

The RTDNA Board of Directors presented three awards at Excellence in Journalism 2017 for outstanding service to the organization. All of the recipients have made significant contributions to help with the growth and success of the Association and the Foundation.

Loren Tobia was honored with the Bob Priddy Award, named for the Association's longtime board member and two-time chairman. Tobia is Vice-President of Sales & Business Development for Overland Park, Kansas-based Weather Metrics, and has served as treasurer of RTDNA since 2002.

Mike Cavender was presented with the Barney Oldfield Award, named for the founder of the Radio Television Digital News Foundation and presented to individuals who have made outstanding contirbutions to the success of the Foundation. Cavender retires this week as Executive Director of the Association and Foundation.

Karen Hansen, Membership and Programs Manager of RTDNA was recognized with the Rob Downey Citation, named after the first executive secretary of RTDNA, and awarded to an individual who has provided outstanding service to the board. Hansen was praised for her countless hours of work developing the Association's extensive new member portal and her dedication to serving RTDNA's members across the country. "It's really humbling, and it's an honor. I usually prefer to be more in the background, but it's nice to know that members appreciate what we do for them," Hansen said.

Loren Tobia talks about the Bob Priddy Award and RTDNA:

Mike Cavender talks about the Barney Oldfield Distinguished Service Award and his time as Executive Director.

Karen Hansen reflects on the Rob Downey Citation and talks about the new RTDNA member portal.