RTDNA Webinar: Using data as a catalyst for newsroom culture change

October 2, 2017 11:00

RTDNA WEBINAR: Using Data as a Catalyst for Newsroom Culture Change

Using Data as a Catalyst for Newsroom Culture Change - Sponsored by TopicPulse
According to a 2017 digital news study by the Reuters Institute, over half (51%) of all Americans now get news via social media. This is up five percentage points since last year, and double the 2013 number. News organizations all across the country are asking: how do we compete for attention in this fragmented news and information environment? Increasingly, the answer is by using data-informed decision-making to create content more appealing to target audiences and do better journalism. And creating and maintaining a newsroom culture that embraces data-informed decision making is critical to success. This workshop, led by veteran news executive and TopicPulse Product Manager Jill Manuel, explores ways to build a responsive, data-informed newsroom culture that empowers journalists to effectively use analytics in editorial decision-making.