Year-long fellowship offers education, mentoring, experience

March 7, 2019 11:00

The admissions process for the Media and Journalism Fellowship program at the Charles Koch Institute is now open.
This program is for aspiring and entrepreneurial journalists and storytellers. These paid fellowships offer media and creative professionals the opportunity to refine their skills and accelerate their careers. The next year-long fellowship session starts in June 2019.
Fellows are employed by participating organizations while simultaneously immersed in world-class curriculum. This includes summits, online webinars, skills training, mentoring, and other projects. At the program’s conclusion, they have developed a deeper understanding of their roles as media and journalism professionals and their responsibilities as members of the free press.
Additionally, the program is always interested in conversations with potential participating organizations about their talent and training resource needs.
Find more information and the application here
“Opportunities…that I could not have had otherwise.”
The Koch Media and Journalism Fellowship program has offered me opportunities in journalism that I could not have had otherwise. I currently work as the Opinion Editor of the Detroit News, a print daily newspaper in Detroit, Michigan. This is my first full time job after graduating from college and this fellowship made it possible for me to step into a role beyond my level of experience. I have grown quickly and developed as both a journalist and as a professional through my work.
The program has continued to expand my horizons through summits and weekly webinars. They do a great job curating speakers and designing projects which help me become a better journalist through a greater understanding of social media, television, radio, and other digital forms of journalism. I am certain these lessons and the connections I’ve made through this program will prove invaluable to me throughout my career.
- Mark Naida, Opinions Editor, Detroit News


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