Benefits of an RTDNA Corporate Membership Package

High industry visibility:
Partnering with RTDNA includes regular exposure for your station group on our website and in our electronic publications. Your company receives signage at all major RTDNA events including the First Amendment Awards in Washington, DC; the Edward R. Murrow Awards in New York City; and at the Excellence in Journalism conference held each fall. A Corporate Membership will reinforce to the industry your group’s commitment to supporting quality journalism at its stations!

Key Benefits to newsroom employees:
Membership discount pricing:  $100 per News Director or Associate member
Regular price $199 each

RTDNA is your advocate on the national and local levels to protect press freedoms. We provide daily information and resources to help journalists to their jobs better via, our Daily Communicator email newsletter and on social media. We retain top legal counsel to fight for your rights. We also conduct ongoing industry research to keep you on top of trends in the news business.

Edward R. Murrow Awards entry discount: $85 off per entry
Enter just one story in our prestigious national competition and your membership virtually pays for itself! The Edward R. Murrow Awards are given out in 15 categories and have been awarded since 1971. The Murrows honor outstanding achievements in electronic journalism.  The winners are toasted at the annual Murrow Awards Dinner in New York every October.

Excellence in Journalism registration discount: $200 off per registration
Every member gets a big discount to attend the Excellence in Journalism conference, a benefit that more than pays for the cost of membership each year. We’ll gather in New Orleans in 2016 and Anaheim in 2017 to provide high-caliber training sessions for journalists and news managers at all career levels.

Newsroom resources: Included
RTDNA stands at the ready to assist members with ethical decision making, public records access and other legal issues, newsroom best practices, coverage guidelines, training guides for newsroom leaders, and to provide a constantly updated Membership directory, to facilitate networking with professionals in newsrooms across the country.

Get started:
Call RTDNA Executive Director Mike Cavender at 770-622-7011 or email to learn more about how your company can become an RTDNA Corporate Member.