2013 George Foreman Scholarship
Christopher Adams
University of Texas at Austin

"Receiving the Carole Simpson Scholarship from the Radio Television Digital News Foundation means everything to me. I would like to thank RTDNF and Carol Simpson. I'm so proud to have received such a prestigious award from such an amazing company. Carole Simpson is one of my role models, for the simple fact that she has completed so many firsts as not only a woman, but an African-American woman. She represents something so powerful and I cannot wait to continue my journey and embrace that power to become a great journalist as well."
-Imani Crenshaw, Hampton University - 2013 Carole Simpson Scholarship winner


2013 Mike Reynolds Scholarship
Amanda Roley
Washington State University

“Thank you RTDNF and the N.S. Bienstock Fellowship for fostering a community of journalists that is inclusive, cutting-edge and puts a human voice in headline news.”
- 2011 N.S. Bienstock Fellowship winner Anayansi Diaz-Corts


2013 Michele Clark Fellowship
Chanteé Lans

“Winning an RTDNF scholarship provided me with both confidence and skills to succeed in television newsroom management. The recognition from such a prestigious organization helped reaffirm my belief that I had what it takes to ‘make it’ as a television news producer.”
- 2000 Presidents Scholarship winner Ari Meltzer


2013 Ed Bradley Scholarship
Taylor Moore
University of South Dakota

As a young journalist it is at times difficult to know whether your stories are being heard. … This award is proof that it is all worth it.”
-2012 George Foreman Scholarship winner Cathryn Walker  


2013 Pete Wilson Scholarship
Talia Samelian
San Francisco State University

“Ed Bradley's hard work, passion, and dedication to this industry are something I strive to attain. … I am so grateful and hope someday I will be able to do the same for future journalists so this industry will continue to flourish.”
-2012 Bradley Scholarship winner Jacey Sisneros


2014 Carole Simpson Scholarship
Nathalie Dortonne
University of Florida


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