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As the educational arm of the Radio Television Digital News Association, the Radio Television Digital News Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, offers professional development opportunities for working and aspiring journalists and journalism educators, including over $31,000 in scholarships and fellowships awarded annually. 

We are grateful for the many contributions we receive each year from individuals like you, which have enabled RTDNF to work for journalists, including:
  • More than 500 student journalists who have received one of the Foundation’s scholarships

  • More than 1,000 broadcast journalists who have participated in the RIAS program, our unique transatlantic exchange for US and German professionals.

  • Countless newsroom leaders, your colleagues, who have benefited from RTDNF’s education and training
Our sincerest thanks to all who are taking part in our Annual Fund Drive. With your help, RTDNF will continue its efforts in areas of education, ethics and professional development as well as supporting young broadcast and digital journalists through our scholarship and fellowship programs. On behalf of the Board of Directors and all of us at RTDNF, thanks for helping keep RTDNF strong and vital in our industry! Here's where the money goes:
  • This year, we’ll be awarding two $1,000 Presidents Scholarships to aspiring journalists. This scholarship is not endowed, and relies on individual donations.

  • We recently launched a new program: our NextJ incubator group gathers a select group of promising young journalists working in traditional and new media to see what a new generation of industry leaders needs from their trade and training organization. $6,000 will fund the proposals our emerging leaders develop.

  • We are continuing our successful series of short, on-the-go, practical training videos called “Ed Talks.” Producing this training initiative for an additional year will cost RTDNF $2,000.­­
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  • $31: RTDNF awards over $31,000 in funding for young journalists each year
  • $45: RTDNF has been awarding journalism scholarships for more than 45 years!
  • $100: More than 1,000 broadcast journalists have participated in the RIAS exchange program
  • $270: RTDNF presents our 27th First Amendment Awards
  • $500: Gain membership to the Oldfield Founder’s Circle with a contribution to the RTDNF Endowment Fund
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We thank you for your support, and for spreading the word about the mission of the Foundation.

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