Since its founding in 1946, RTDNA has supported and defended the First Amendment. In today's climate of distrust and amid growing attacks on journalism, RTDNA is renewing its commitment to speak out for freedom of the press by establishing the Voice of the First Amendment Task Force.

The goals of the task force include not only reacting to threats to First Amendment Freedoms, but proactively supporting journalists and educating the public about the importance of a free press to our democracy. The task force is a collaborative effort with broadcast and digital journalism companies, like-minded media associations and others to provide a vigorous defense for the First Amendment, news media access and to combat the growing vitriol toward journalism in the current divisive political and ideological environment.

RTDNA and its Voice of the First Amendment Task Force has joined more than 20 press freedom organizations in launching the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker, a new website dedicated to documenting press freedom abuses across the United States. The site serves as a repository for data at a time when journalists in the U.S. are facing obstruction, threats, hostility, legal charges, assault, and other forms of harassment.

Judge Rules News Publishers Violated Copyright by Embedding Tweets of Tom Brady Photo

Reporter found guilty of disorderly conduct in clash with police captured on video

Man bashes sign outside FOX 11 studios with crucifix he stole from church

Conservative radio host says he was fired for being critical of Donald Trump

‘Help Me Howard’ reporter attacked while trying to interview Bronx mechanic wielding baseball bat​

What some reporters get wrong about the First Amendment​ (Don't be that person - Know your rights)

CMS threatens to bar Modern Healthcare from press calls after reporter refuses to alter story

2017 was the most dangerous year ever for journalists. 2018 might be even worse.

Freedom of the Press Foundation will preserve Gawker’s archives

Jon Ziegler attacked by white nationalist protesters in Tennessee

White House aides shout down CNN’s Jim Acosta as he questions President Trump

Two TV Journalists Fight Grand Jury Subpoena After Interviewing Suge Knight in Prison

Man arrested, accused of threatening to kill CNN employees

Speakers protest detention of Mexican journalist on press freedom, moral, legal grounds

Trump Calls for Crowing King of Fake News

Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’ could violate ethics rules

Trump Renews Pledge to ‘Take a Strong Look’ at Libel Laws

Trump lawyer files lawsuits against BuzzFeed, Fusion GPS over dossier​

Border inspections of electronic devices hits record number​

National Press Club effort to free Mexican journalist reaches 'crucial phase'

Trump lawyer sends cease-and-desist to Michael Wolff publisher​

Sheriff David Clarke temporarily blocked on Twitter after violating terms of service

Iowa justice blocks newspaper from reporting court records

‘This is unprecedented’: Public colleges limiting journalist access

Washington Post reporters barred from Roy Moore election night party​

Mexican journalist seeking asylum in U.S. nearly deported

Nydia Tisdale acquitted of felony charge, guilty of misdemeanor obstruction​

Paul Ryan’s GOP challenger tells columnist to ‘eat a bullet'​

Judge embroiled in Indiana press freedom dispute accused of sexual harrasment

New York City Council member abruptly limits access for City Hall reporters​

EPA Kicks Out InsideSources Reporter From Event With Administrator Scott Pruitt​

Tribune reporter carjacked in Chicago

Donald Trump’s “Fake News” Tactics

Journalist Who Told Laquan McDonald’s Story Faces Fight Over Sources

Ben Jacobs sends cease and desist letter to Greg Gianforte

Roy Moore supporter accosts cameraman at rally

Trump attacks media in his first post-Thanksgiving tweet

If cops can get phone data without a warrant, it could be a nightmare for journalists — and sources

Greg Gianforte misled police after assault of Guardian journalist, incident report shows

Roy Moore supporters call journalists part of a 'mob,' 'disgraceful'

Robocall Impersonating Washington Post Reporter Pretends To Seek Dirt On Roy Moore​

North Dakota files objection to extended courtroom media coverage​

New York Times photographer tweets ‘photo’ of black box to protest White House coverage blackout

Chris Wallace: Donald Trump Behind Most Sustained Press Assault In Our History”

In China, Trump continues war on media by bowing to demand for no questions from reporters

Maine anchor says a viewer harrassed him becase of his sexual orientation

Vermont TV station evacuated after bomb threat

“This is political”: CNN sees Trump’s hand in Justice Department’s merger crackdown

Buffalo lawmakers seek to contain reporters

Media files lawsuit against Las Vegas police for public records in 1 October shooting

Are billionaires who own news outlets good or bad for journalism?

Reporter access curtailed at Capitol after protest

Appeals court upholds judges' right to suppress audio records

Democratic-leaning journalist arrested at Virginia GOP campaign event

Knife-wielding man chases two tv reporters, city council candidate in Yakima

U.N. rights expert assails Trump administration on press treatment

Don Lemon files police report over Twitter death threat

Republican official 'would have shot' Guardian reporter attacked by Gianforte

Indiana lawmaker drafts bill to license journalists

Soap opera actor slaps reporter in the face on red carpet

Trump doubles down on broadcast license threats

New York Press Club issues statement on Mayor's closed-door meeting

NYPD insincere about transparency

The most difficult place in America to practice journalism

Four more journalists arrested in St. Louis

Can the First Amendment save us?

When a journalist is arrested covering a protest, what should the news outlet do?

UT Austin journalist assaulted while covering protest

Appeals court nixes TV coverage of key arguments on LGBT rights

Student journalists among those attacked by police in St. Louis

GOP governors launch ‘news’ site critics call propaganda

Journalists detained in St. Louis protests

Michigan journalist assaulted while recording protestors

Protesters threaten St. Louis TV reporter, toss water at him

Sessions seeks leak investgation rule change

Missouri blogger assaulted at his home

Louisville TV station fights warrant for reporter's notes, video in officer shooting

Charge dismissed against arrested West Virginia journalist

KTVU anchor: 'I experienced hate firsthand' at Berkeley rally

'We were targets because we had cameras' at Antifa rally

Judge orders tech co. to release user data from anti-Trump website

Trump portrays journalists as anti-American enemy

Media lets loose its fury after Trump attacks

Court ruling could affect future media lawsuits

White supremacist threatens Afro-Latina anchor
(Caution: Contains Offensive Language)

White House still holding back visitor information

Trial set for Iowa reporter who recorded 'Bachelor' hearing

CNN won't air Trump 'president's enemies' campaign ad without changes

First Amendment assault could have ramifications for press freedom

Journalist targeted by Fox News anchor threatens sanctions if $50M suit isn't dropped

The lawyers who shut down Gawker go after another online news organization

ACLU sues governors, president, for blocking social media followers

Kushner, Secret Service try to force reporter to delete recording

NRA tells New York Times, 'We're Coming For You'

Bullet goes through Vermont reporter's window

Some leaks considered good, others bad

R. Kelly 'cult' story almost never ran

'Fake news' tactics disrupt newsgathering

WH asks Correspondents Association to criticize reporter

Maine Governor suggests making up stories to mislead media

Springfield, MO city council's method to fill open seat may have violated open meeting law

President appears to promote violence against CNN with tweet

San Antonio prosecutor excludes paper from news conference

Indiana judge blocks broadcast of hearing, station appeals

Two journalists arrested at Twin Cities protest

CNN chief blames Trump for threats against reporters

Reporter handcuffed for taking pictures

Senate Republicans crack down on press access

Gianforte pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault

Gianforte apologizes to Jacobs for attack

Windows shattered by bullets at Kentucky newspaper

Texas governor jokes about shooting reporters

Senate candidate who punched reporter in 1981 says he'd do it again

Congressional candidate allegedly 'body slams' reporter

Iowa judge sets tight rules in celebrity case

Tampa mayor jokes about firing weapon at media

Indiana judge bars broadcast of courtroom recording

FCC guards eject reporter for asking questions

West Virginia police arrest reporter for asking questions

Las Vegas news photographer arrested during protest


Subscribe to Voice of the First Amendment updates. Media companies, journalists, educators, students and members of the general public interested in supporting, or participating in the task force’s efforts, can contact us at or call Executive Director Dan Shelley at 212-246-0398.



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Watch RTDNA's Free Speech Week discussion on reporters' rights: 

Since launching the effort, RTDNA has been working with leaders in the industry and other constituencies to assess the problem and to form strategies that will ensure that the public’s right, and need, to know what is going on in their communities, their states and their nation is protected and thrives.

Spearheading the effort is RTDNA Executive Director Dan Shelley, who described the task force’s early findings in Washington, D.C., at a forum organized by the National Press Club's Journalism Institute as part of its press freedom initiative.
Shelley told the panel that RTDNA members across the country are seeing an enhanced level of public vitriol in reaction to the pervasive “fake news” and “enemy of the people” rhetoric that has become even more widespread since the 2016 presidential election.
Watch his full comments:

In response to the feedback the task force has received so far, RTDNA is putting together a plan to, among other things, help the public understand that journalists work hard every day to provide, according to Shelley, “outstanding examples of what I call responsible electronic and digital journalism.”

The RTDNA Voice of the First Amendment Task Force continues to seek input and develop its comprehensive approach to public education about the importance of journalism, and to combat in other ways the contempt that many elected officials and members of the public have for it.