3 ways to get your boss to say "yes" to training

July 20, 2018 11:00

Show how training aligns with your station’s goals
Is your newsroom really working hard to earn a Murrow Award? Become a more trusted source? Get better access to public officials and records? Whatever your goals are, give specifics on which sessions and workshops you plan to attend to learn what your newsroom needs to know to reach those goals.
Is your newsroom's next goal to win a Murrow? Check out these at EIJ18:
  • No Guts, No Story: Doing great work, even on deadline
  • Secrets of Murrow winners
From digital to newsroom management to newsgathering, EIJ session tracks are designed by broadcast and digital news executives to help today’s newsrooms adapt and thrive.
You can also dive deep with seven full- and half-day workshops (six free) to show your boss you’re really committed to bringing even better storytelling, data visualization, watchdog journalism or more back to your newsroom

Think about what you can do for your newsroom in return
Going to training does take away one pair of hands from your newsroom for a few days. While the payoff for your newsroom will come when you get back, filling in while you’re away will take sacrifice by your team. Be proactive and offer solutions about how your work can get covered while you’re out. Then, be willing to step up in other ways to support your team members so they can support your trip. Can you fill in for another coworker who needs to be away for something? Volunteer to cover one more holiday? It’s all about teamwork.
Is your newsroom trying to become a more trusted source? Check out these at EIJ18:
  • Critical Thinking to Fight Fake News
  • Gaining back trust in the era of Trump

Plan how you’ll share the wealth when you get back
Training is great for you and your skills. Certainly your boss wants you to grow as a professional, but also has a whole newsroom of professionals to grow, coach and train. Present a plan of how your getting training can pay off for the whole newsroom. Will you learn leadership skills so you can be a better coach and give better feedback to colleagues? Can you put together tips sheet or plan brown bag lunch talks to teach what you’ve learned to the rest of the newsroom? It’s about teamwork here, too.
Is your newsroom trying to get better sources and access? Check out these at EIJ18:
  • Censorship by PIO: Challenging gag orders on news sources
  • How to strengthen public records laws in your state
  • Navigating the FOI Universe: Who's who in getting access
  • Gathering better information from police communications
  • Getting Past No: How to successfully appeal and sue for public records

If you think your boss needs more convincing, here are a few more reasons for a "yes" on training:
  1. Productive time away from the newsroom decreases burnout
  2. Building your skills helps your daily work
  3. It’s a great way to find out what other newsrooms are doing with success
  4. EIJ18 is more affordable than other training – and the only conference tailored for broadcast & digital news leaders
  5. Your trip could be on us!
Excellence in Journalism is presented in partnership with the Society of Professional Journalists Sept. 27-29, 2018, in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Through July 25 August 7, registration is just $230 for professional members of RTDNA or SPJ.


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