An open letter to journalists covering Hurricane Florence

September 13, 2018 01:00

Hurricane Florence will disrupt lots of lives in the coming days. We all hope it will claim none. Among those most affected will be people living in the Carolinas and Virginia, first responders, volunteers and public servants at all levels. Among them, journalists will put themselves at risk in order to provide accurate, timely and responsible news to audiences around the world.
Like the others who step forward at such times, those journalists deserve our gratitude and support. Their work saves lives by providing essential information that enables people in the hurricane zone to make better decisions for themselves. Families and friends across the country count on up-to-the-minute news to replace rumor, speculation and fear.
We at RTDNA commend the reporters, photojournalists and other news professionals who do this critically important work. We urge them to look out for their own safety in the process and to remember that no piece of video or sound is worth a life. Important stories can't be told without some risk, but we encourage journalists to use good judgment and due caution, so that they can continue to fulfill their valuable public-service role.

Scott Libin,



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