Closing gender gaps in the newsroom

September 8, 2017 10:30

By Kimberly Wilborn, RTDNA News

“Don’t be afraid to be bold,” advised Sonya Quick, a digital editor from the Voice of OC, to a room full of female journalists.

Alongside Mrs. Quick sat Michelle A. Philo, a corporate counsel at Adtile Technologies, Juliet Murphy, an executive career coach, and Alan Gibbons, the Editor-in-Chief at the Orange Coast. They held a discussion about the gender gaps women face in the workforce and how to overcome them. Topics of discussion included asking for raises and being transparent and vocal about one’s work.

Leading the discussion was Jill Geisler from Loyola University Chicago, who urged the young professional women in the room to “look for a manager that will help you build your portfolio.”

Gibbons emphasized the importance of having a strong support system and staying in contact with those that continually provide support. She said, “have your support system everywhere you go.”

Murphy also offered words of encouragement. She told the audience, “Trust yourself and speak up. Hold your ground.”


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