CNN anchor Jake Tapper on truth, becoming a journalist

September 9, 2017 12:30

By Danielle Katz, RTDNA News
After CNN Chief Washington Correspondent and host of “The Lead” and “State of the Union” Jake Tapper accepted the John F. Hogan Award Friday night at the 2017 Excellence in Journalism Conference, he spoke with RTDNA student journalists about how he fights for truth in today’s tense political and media climate. He said people must discover what it is, even if it’s unexpected.
“It isn’t always necessarily what you think it is and it isn’t always necessarily what the conventional wisdom dictates that it is,” Tapper said.
Tapper said journalists can’t just assume the facts and must do the research necessary. “From that foundation and from that effort, that’s where you get to the moral standing to fight for it, but you can’t just assume things,” Tapper said.
The student journalists also asked if Tapper had any advice for them. He shared three tips.

First, he emphasized the importance of telling the truth. “Always tell the truth, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Even if you wish the truth were something else. Even if you wish that the story were headed in a different direction, always tell the truth,” Tapper said.
Tapper said young journalists must care about every fact and detail. He said no one wants to make to have to make corrections.
He also said to prepare for rejection in journalism careers. “Get used to rejection. Expect rejection. Don’t worry about it. Don’t take it personally. Keep fighting. Anybody who wants to make it as a journalist, who is determined as a journalist, will make it as a journalist,” Tapper said.

Hear from Tapper on truth:

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