Joe Little shares secrets for success as an MMJ

September 9, 2017 03:00

By Robert Way and Jacog Cavaiani, RTDNA News
“Be human,” Joe Little emphasized, “That’s what we want our stories to be— human.”
Little, a multimedia journalist at KGTV-TV in San Diego, CA, shared his experience at Excellence in Journalism 2017 in an hour-long presentation titled: “Surviving and Thriving As An MMJ.”
The session was full of laughs and lessons as Little took the audience through his process of reporting a story. His first tip: Back-time your day. He advised the packed room to start with their deadline time and plan backwards. But before anything else, he says to take a breath and formulate a plan.
Little builds his stories through what he calls, “The Pregnant I.” In telling his story, he said he starts with a single point, something someone can relate easily to. This is achieved through identifying a character through which he can tell the story.
In the middle, he gets to the news of the story – the facts, details and other necessary information.
He then wraps it up by returning to his character.
He also offered another piece of advice for MMJs, “Let the world move for you.” He said this in the context of filming moving objects or people— let them enter and exit the frame. “Don’t pan.”
Little also focused on microphones, in particular, what he calls the #NoStickMic movement. He encourages using a lavalier microphone 100% of the time, to put interview subjects at ease and get more natural and conversational responses to questions.

“Joe has a way of reaching people with a realness and a down-to-earth personality that also resonates through his reporting,” said Hilary Powell, a multimedia journalist WSBT-TV, the CBS station in South Bend, Indiana who attended the session.
Powell said Little is a reminder to be yourself and follow simple, universal rules that can help MMJs be successful.


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