RTDNA chair welcomes you to EIJ17 this week

September 5, 2017 01:30

By Vincent Duffy, RTDNA Chair
You've made the decision to come to Excellence in Journalism 2017 in Anaheim! Congratulations and get ready for another fantastic gathering of more than a thousand journalists from around the country. On behalf of the leadership at RTDNA and our partners at SPJ and NAHJ, thank you for joining us at EIJ17. We hope you have a productive and fun time.

It’s been a challenging year for our industry. We’ve been called the “enemy of the American people” by a President who thinks most reporters “don’t like our county.”  But it’s also been a year where journalists demonstrated courage and the importance of our industry during coverage of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana.

Just by taking the time to attend EIJ17, you demonstrate that fact-based journalism is important to you – and you’re willing to join thousands in our industry who stand up to allegations of “fake news” and violent threats by covering important stories every day and sharing that information with our viewers, listeners and readers.

You’ll find sessions about all these issues during the conference, and I invite you to download our app so you can plan to attend those that will be most useful and interesting to you.

There will be lots of fun to have at EIJ17 as well. Join us Friday afternoon as RTDNA honors Lester Holt from NBC and Jake Tapper from CNN with the Paul White and John Hogan awards, and if you have any free time, I’m told we’re close to The Happiest Place on Earth.

Don’t forget to visit the exhibit floor, where you can find new products, opportunities and maybe even a job!

EIJ17 is a chance to learn, advocate, network, catch up with old friends and make new ones. I hope you have a great conference.


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