What it means to bring home a Murrow Award

February 11, 2019 01:30

Across the country this week, journalists are compiling the best examples of their work, dreaming of the chance to walk up the red carpet, cross the stage and receive a National Murrow Award trophy to bring home and display proudly in the newsroom.

The Murrow Awards celebration each October is the highlight of the year for the best in news, a rare opportunity to step back from the daily newsroom grind and to celebrate the accomplishments of our colleagues.

It’s also much more than a celebration, and the Murrow Awards are bigger than one night.
The Murrow Awards, by design, honor news teams for specific examples of outstanding journalism.

They recognize that journalism is a team effort, the contributions from engineers, reporters, technicians, managers, producers, editors and more all required to create and publish any news product.

They are also a reminder to constantly strive to seek at report truth ethically and responsibly, to make every story Murrow-worthy.
Winning a Murrow Award is a reward for hard work and service to the community, certainly, but also embodies a responsibility to continuously pursue the standards Edward R. Murrow espoused.

Winning a Murrow Award is not a reason to sit back, but an opportunity to step up and continue to report every story, every day, with the highest standards of excellence in technical execution and in journalistic ethics.

As you’re submitting your Murrow competition entries this week, remember that when you bring home a Murrow Award to place on a prominent shelf or hang on the newsroom wall, the spirit of the man engraved on that award is watching, calling you every day to teach, illuminate and inspire.

The Murrow Award and Student Murrow Award entry deadline is Thursday, February 14, 2019 at Midnight Pacific.


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