Workshop focuses on narrative storytelling

September 7, 2017 07:00

By Jacob Cavaiani, RTDNA News
Tom Hallman Jr. said it is an incredible gift to be able to tell a story.
The Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author said it is important to be aware, as potential stories are right around us.
“It’s being in the moment, reporting and observing and then backing up. That’s what the story is about,” Hallman said to a room of about 35 people who attended the “Narrative Storytelling: Dump The Inverted Pyramid No Matter Your Medium Of Choice” session Thursday morning.
The reporter for The Oregonian said it is important for reporters to get out of their comfort zones. He said it is critical to ask questions, so enough information is available in the story.  
Hallman said it is important to tell stories in a way that will resonate with a reader or viewer. He said people in a story will make viewers and readers care.
Hallman said it is important for journalists to be committed to the journey of storytelling and to use their heart when reporting. If they don’t, they will handicap themselves by not using the gift they were given, he said.


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