Your guide to EIJ18

July 25, 2018 11:00

Now's the time to register for Excellence in Journalism 2018 if you haven't yet! Here's your EIJ18 guide with everything you need to know about the journalism event of the year:

What it's all about

Excellence in Journalism is the only training like it for newsroom managers and their teams. With training designed by news leaders for news leaders, it's the best place to take your newsroom to the next level.

How it helps your career

Learn leadership skills to impress your boss or even meet your future boss in the J-Expo. It takes more than news know-how to really be a news leader, after all.

What you'll learn

New tech tools. Doing more with the social media platforms you already use. Really covering your whole coverage area. Select from hour-long breakout sessions covering digital skillsnewsgatheringcareer development and newsroom management. And dive deep into storytelling with Boyd Huppert, data viz and more with six included deep dive workshops.

Planning your trip

Don't forget to book your hotel and travel, too! We'll be at the Hilton right on the Inner Harbor - and Baltimore is accessible by plane, train, car or boat! We've also got tips to make the most of your time at EIJ.

Fun and inspiration

We get together to learn from each other, of course, but also to have fun! Join us to kick off the journalism party of the year with the Opening Night Reception at M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens, sponsored by CNN Newsource (which always has the best swag! And get inspired by Pete Williams and Bill Whitaker, who will be receiving top honors from RTDNA.

Convincing your boss to send you

So you're excited. Feeling some FOMO (fear of missing out). But you need that crucial "ok" from your boss. Here's how to get it.


There's only one step between you and getting refreshed, recharged and regrouped with us at EIJ18: Be sure you're registered!
We'll see you at Excellence in Journalism!
P.S. Here's how you can come to EIJ on us!
Get more like this at our 2019 conference, Sept. 5-7 in San Antonio. Register by August 12, or by June 27 to save.


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