Why be an RTDNA member?

The news profession is facing significant mistrust and vitriol- just look at this shirt spotted at a campaign rally last yearthis database of arrests of and attacks on journalists, and any number of other threats to press freedom. But providing the public with the truth is more important than ever. The solution to ‘fake news’ in all its incarnations is more and better journalism. That starts in local newsrooms. It starts with news professionals. It starts with the backup RTDNA provides.

Watch: Know Your Reporting Rights

 RTDNA supports responsible journalism with resources to help journalists know what they can do legally, like our recent Know Your Reporting Rights broadcast and state-by-state Cameras in the Courts guide.

 We're also here to ensure newsrooms know what they should do ethically with a continually updated and growing list of coverage guidelines based on our industry standard code of ethics.

anchor leadership


In the coming year we'll be doing even more to help newsrooms rebuild the trust of their audiences. We'll be conducting research on what works, and helping newsrooms build their anchors' on- and off-air leadership skills at a summit this summer (members save on tuition) and our annual conference this September focusing on newsroom management.



We're also working to help the public regain trust in journalism by recognizing the best stories by newsrooms large and small with coveted Edward R. Murrow Awards. In the annual competition, newsrooms can submit pieces highlighting how journalism makes a positive impact on communities - and members save on entry fees.



Journalism is a profession with a process, and RTDNA is your professional association.

Communities rely on local news to stay informed and, sometimes, even to stay safe. To keep up with industry trends and be sure your reporters’ rights are protected, you can rely on RTDNA. We’re your support system and your ally in your fight for the public’s right to know. Support resources for more and better local journalism.


Not convinced? Here are 30 more reasons to become an RTDNA member.